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Database Publishing


Not everyone wants to do the job themselves. Sometimes, it’s more economical or timely to contract with a trusted service provider. Others want to purchase our tools, but need help with the initial data loading or processing. We can help in these situations and more.

Consulting Services

Mapping Services

Through years of experience, the Winsby Group has developed a fast and effective method to extract application data from various sources. Mapping services are also available for linking your catalog data to Autozone, Amazon, eBay, Epicor, NAPA, and other ACES/PIES/PARTSPRO trading partners.

Integration Services

The installation of any system requires a well defined implementation plan and solid project management. Through our affiliation with some of the most popular brand name suppliers in the industry, we have proven our ability to integrate our technology with existing systems and processes.

Programming Services

Our staff of computer scientists and support personnel are skilled in the latest technologies and problem solving techniques. If a pre-packaged solution is not available, our specialists will help you to define and implement a custom solution.

Consulting Services

We are experts at helping companies analyze their current catalog data, apply industry standards and produce results that improve quality and timeliness.