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Over the years, we've developed many utilities that we use internally to help us get things done. We have now made a few of them available to the general public. Enjoy!

Free Stuff

ACES XML File Split

ACES Split Utility

A simple utility to split a large ACES xml file into smaller pieces. Each resulting file contains the full Header and a re-calculated Footer. The program currently only supports splitting ACES 1.0 and 2.0 files.

VCdb Viewer

VCdb Viewer

Download a FREE VCdb Viewer. This stand-alone Windows application provides lighting fast local lookups against the ACES VCdb. Don't waste time on the Internet looking up a configuration ever again! A great reference tool for data mapping. Get yours today!


ACES XML Merge Utility

A utility to combine two or more ACES xml files into a single xml file. The files must have a valid brand code in the header and will move the brand to the part level. Note: this utility is included in the AceViewer Trial installation but is free to use for any purpose.