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Pre-sale questions


To common pre-sale questions


  • Generate valid NAPA Parts PRO files from “Structured” (Make-Model-Year) data.
  • Import new NAPA vehicle and translation tables at any time in the mapping process.
  • Support multiple part columns and heading qualifiers (as in “With A/C” & “Without A/C”).
  • Automatically match Makes, Models and Engines to their NAPA equivalents.
  • Maintain “Except” logic on Submodels and all vehicle “conditions”.
  • Map at highest abstraction possible (not one application at a time).
  • Separates Body Styles into Number of Doors and Body Type for easier mapping.
  • Separates Engine Qualifiers into their basic elements for easier mapping.
  • Powerful pattern matching and aliasing to simplify comment and special condition mapping.
  • Create “Pending” Comments for submission and approval by NAPA without interrupting workflow.
  • Includes ability to show NAPA valid vehicle information.
  • Generate Full and Net Change files so you can easily see what’s changed since last published.
  • Break up source notes by semicolon or other AND separator.
  • Support for “ref” column on import, overlap and output (using the “User Optional Field”) to provide a track back capability to the source data.
  • Control publishing by part number and availability date.
  • Options to publish a compressed, raw part number and separate files by MPCC.
  • Comprehensive exception, coverage and overlap reports.
  • Powerful differencing tool to analyze two separate Parts PRO submission files (for confident migrations).
  • Included human-readable spreadsheet viewer for PartsPRO submission files (ProViewer).