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NCMA Knowledge Exchange 2010 — San Antonio, TX

PIES Breakout Session

It was a beautiful few days along the Riverwalk as another record crowd attended this year's conference. The theme was “Content Without Borders” and included an informative end-user panel with countermen from Mexico (yes, print is not dead). Other highlights included a wonderful keynote by John Washbish and a view of the future from Activant's Paul Magin.

Doug Winsby presented an overview of PIES and why it matters at one of the Knowledge Sessions. That presentation was titled “Delivering PIES Product Content with XML” and is available (with notes) at the right.

Continuing our winning tradition, AceMapper customers were recognized with 3 awards from the 7 receivers giving Electronic Data Excellence Awards this year.

Once again, the exhibitor trade show was a lot of fun as people clambered to learn more about our products. You can see an image of our booth by pressing the thumbnail at right.

2010 NCMA Presentation

Powerpoint Slides (5.5MB)

2010 NCMA Booth

Booth Image