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NCMA Knowledge Exchange 2008 — Tampa, FL

ACES Breakout Session

It was a beautiful few days beside the bay as a record crowd of over 400 members and guests attended this year's conference. This was the first year that the NCMA was completely under the AAIA umbrella, and things couldn't have gone better.

Doug Winsby presented a different way of looking at generating Print at one of the Knowledge Sessions. That presentation was titled "ACES to Print" and is available (with notes) in the right panel on this page.

Winsby also presented at the ACES Boot Camp on Tuesday. A copy of Doug's session (without notes) can be found at right.

Once again, the exhibitor trade show was a lot of fun as people clambered to learn more about our products. The message was that our tools work with your existing systems. You can see an image of our booth by pressing the thumbnail at right.

Powerpoint Slides (3.3MB)

Powerpoint Slides (2.9MB)

Booth Image