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Winsby Group introduces automated Web-based service to validate aftermarket manufacturers’ ACES electronic catalog data

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, April 7, 2005: Winsby Group, LLC today introduced the Automotive Aftermarket's first automated Web-based service to help manufacturers deliver more timely, accurate and complete vehicle application data to electronic catalog companies.

Catalog files coded in the ACES (AAIA Catalog Enhanced Standard) format can now be uploaded to Winsby Group's new web site for extensive validity checks and advanced data analysis. "One of the biggest challenges facing our industry is the timely delivery of accurate catalog data to the sales counter," said Doug Winsby, president of Winsby Group and chief architect of the ACES delivery format. "Many of the electronic catalog companies now accept ACES files, but because of the complexity of the standard, these files are often rejected due to problems found in the data. These rejection cycles can add weeks to the data loading process and result in lost sales opportunities." enables manufacturers to audit data conversion (or "mapping") projects before the files are released to electronic catalog companies. Data mapping projects commonly involve thousands of manual decisions to determine which part number is displayed during a vehicle lookup at the parts counter. ACES solved many lookup problems by forcing catalog applications to be more clearly defined. This greater clarity, however, places a burden on the manufacturer to carefully describe product applications according to complex rules in the ACES specification.

"We've been working with ACES for more than a year, and over that time have identified data mapping mistakes that are made over and over again," Winsby said. "Whether a manufacturer did the mapping themselves or hired an outside supplier, we consistently heard there was a need for a service that could quickly and easily audit ACES files. provides that service."

It is very easy for a company to sign up. There is no registration cost and pricing is based on the number of applications in the file. Please visit for more information.

About Winsby Group

Established in 2001, Winsby Group, LLC is a premier supplier of application-specific data solutions for businesses in the Automotive Aftermarket. The company's AceMapper product was the industry's first ACES mapping solution and has mapped more ACES data than any other commercial tool. The company was founded by Doug Winsby, a respected consultant to aftermarket businesses, instructor for the University of the Aftermarket and an active member of the AAIA Technology Standards and Solutions Committee. For more information about the company, please visit