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  • Generate ACES 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 files (including Qdb parameter substitution, batch Qdb submissions and automated conversion of Notes). NEW!
  • Map AAIA Legacy or “Structured” (Make-Model-Year) data to AutoCare ACES (or AAIA Legacy) formats.
  • Import new VCdb/PCdb tables at any time in the mapping process.
  • Support multiple part columns and heading qualifiers (as in “With A/C” & “Without A/C”).
  • Automatically match Makes, Models and Engines to their AutoCare ACES equivalents.
  • Maintain “Except” logic on Submodels, Engines and all vehicle attributes.
  • Map at highest abstraction possible (not one application at a time).
  • Central Comment maintenance with “where used” reporting, case correction and merging of duplicates.
  • Overcome “hidden” problems in the VCdb legacy migration tables.
  • Automatically remove unnecessary vehicle attributes.
  • Advanced pattern matching for vehicle attributes found in notes.
  • Create additional applications for related part numbers found in notes. NEW!
  • Multi-Brand support without additional mapping efforts.
  • Import ACES xml files into a "standalone" catalog document (providing basic catalog management functionality)
  • Control publishing by Part Status and Part Availability date (at the Brand level).
  • Recipient tracking with independent net change files.
  • Comprehensive exception and coverage reports.
  • Numerical lists with compressed applications (including models, engines or both).
  • Advanced Overlap Analysis (utilizing “translated attribute” logic to discover non-obvious overlaps). NEW!