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Pre-sale questions


To common pre-sale questions


  • Batch loading of digital assets with metadata.
  • Support for batch assignment of attributes/metadata.
  • Check-in/Check-out of assets for editing.
  • Stores Check-in/Check-out history by user.
  • Check-out loads asset in appropriate editor if available
  • Group-based security controls access to assets.
  • Extracts metadata (EXIM) from imported images.
  • Creates keywords (such as part numbers or brand names) from directory path.
  • Supports all PIES asset types and comes pre-loaded with enumerated values.
  • Powerful search by properties with ability to save search criteria.
  • Maintains publishing history (by trading partner if desired) with "net change" publishing so only changed files and metadata can be delivered.
  • Powerful file renaming capabilities (supporting current retailer requirements).
  • Automatically rename, resize and change image type on export (according to customer requirments).
  • Generates AutoCare Imaging Standard Manifest Files with full publishing history.
  • Provides a "data source" for PIESCentral Digital Asset Segment
  • Generates Watermarking (useful for public Internet access) NEW!