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Vehicle Table Viewer
Hundreds have downloaded our free VCdb Viewer application and now it has been updated to support the latest VCdb version. Get your free update here.

American Shoes
Are there lessons to be learned from the American Shoe Industry? It turns out there are parallels to what is happening in the Automotive Aftermarket. See our blog posting for the whole story... 

PIES Reader
Are you looking for a better way to view your PIES xml files than XMLSpy? Are your multi-megabyte files locking up when you try to open them in Internet Explorer? PIES Assistant may be just what you need.
The Road To PIES
Road To PIES Are your customers asking for PIES files? If you supply CarQuest, O'Reilly, Amazon or a growing list of others, they probably already have. There are several paths you can take to satisfy these requests, but it really comes down to what fits your organization. The three major approaches include:
  • Expensive enterprise-wide systems (PIM)
  • On-line, outside web services (DIFM)
  • Integrated PIES publishing repository
No matter what solution you choose, getting your data in shape may be your biggest challenge. Even a DIFM approach will not by-pass this vital step. You must still identify data sources for each PIES element and find ways to update that information reliably, consistently and automatically. This is where we can help. Check out PiesCentral for a low-cost, low-impact way to deliver PIES files today.
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